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We’ll build your house in Andalusia.

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Snow-covered mountain peaks, sunny sea beaches, the spectacular nature of a national park and one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. All of this around your home. In a unique place in Europe, where you can admire the sunrise over Granada while drinking your morning coffee in your own garden. Where you can go skiing and see the Mediterranean Sea and go sailing and have a splendid view of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains.


We project our houses with respect for the natural surroundings in order to create a healthy environment for you and your relatives. So that you can enjoy the unique comfort of a space that is both intimate and tranquil, where you can either work or relax surrounded by beautiful nature.


A very important aspect in the construction of our resorts is the energy quality. Our homes are designed as Passive Houses and tend to have an energy consumption that is reduced to zero.

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Sales office

Yardina Inversiones SL
c/Jupiter 28
18193 Monachil (Granada)

tel. pl: +48 510 197 100
tel. es: +34 699 239 403
E-mail: info@yardina.com


Sales Office

Yardina Inversiones SL
c/Jupiter 28
18193 Monachil (Granada)

tel. pl: +48 510 197 100
tel. es: +34 699 239 403
E-mail: info@yardina.com

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