A National Park

The Jupiter Park resort borders directly on the Sierra Nevada National Park. This unique location gives the inhabitants the possibility to have direct contact with nature in a spectacular way.

The Sierra Nevada National Park covers a large mountainous area of close to 86,000 hectares. It includes the highest peaks on the Iberian peninsula and has more than 20 peaks over 3,000 metres, the highest of which is Mulhacén (3479 m). The Park stretches from the outskirts of Granada to the western borders of Almeria. Due to the huge variety of landscapes and the natural value of the Sierra Nevada Park, the area was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The unusual climate and the significant height differences have resulted in a wide variety of unique plants that are adapted to the difficult mountain conditions. On a hike to the highest peaks, such as Veleta (3392 m) or Cerro de los Machos (3327 m), you can come across a Sierra Nevada Violet, or a Snow Star. The mountain range also includes beautiful valleys of glacial origin, such as Siete Lagunas.

The landscape at moderate altitude is dominated by deciduous forests made up of oak, maples, cherry, and chestnut trees, with an occasional pine grove. These forests change the nature of the landscape into various seasons. The lower levels consists mostly of oak trees and rows of deciduous trees that line the rivers.

The climate and the wide variety of plants mean that there is a lot of wildlife. In the high mountains you can observe countless species of birds. There are buzzards, falcons and ravens, and in the forests you are likely to find blackbirds, orioles and kingfishers. The golden eagles that circle high above the mountains are guaranteed to make an unforgettable impression.

The dense forests and thicket ensure the presence of a large number of mammals, including wild boar, foxes and badgers. In the higher regions you can also find mountain goats, which are common in this mountain range. You can see them wandering through the Dilar valley or the Poqueira gorge, climbing slopes or standing on outcrops of rock. Another common spectacle are invertebrates. There are many species that are found only in this area, among them over 200 kinds of butterflies and more than thirty kinds of beetles.

Alpujarra Valley

The Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans have all inhabited the area of the Sierra Nevada, but there is no doubt that the Arabs have left behind the greatest legacy. It is still visible in the architecture and the still functioning irrigation systems. The architecture of the towns in the Alpajurra valley is surprising and impressive. Among the white houses along narrow streets on the slopes of the mountains, time has stopped. The flat roofs, slender chimneys and the ‘tinaos’ (porches) give the impression that the early Arab inhabitants are still residing there.

Los Cahorros

The numerous tourist trails encourage hiking. Trails such as those that can be found through the Los Cahorros gorge and along the Monachil river are wonderful examples. They attract hikers and rock climbing amateurs because of attractions such as hanging bridges and passages past crevasses, cages and rock ledges. People who loves hikes in the mountains, fishing or just walking will find a suitable place to pass their time and relax.

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