We build certified Passive Houses

Our passive houses are so well designed that they don’t require any ‘traditional’ heating or air-conditioning installations. The essential energy for such devices is provided by special ventilation systems, using renewable energy sources. Thanks to this our homes guarantee you receive a high level of comfort and yet ensure healthy living conditions and minimal impact on the natural environment.

For our homes to receive a passive house certificate, their annual usage for heating or air-conditioning cannot exceed 15 kWh / m². Traditional houses, in comparison, can require up to 120 kWh / m². Passive houses also have to be steam and watertight. The infiltration value measured in hourly cycles has to be below 0,6 / n50.

What we do to achieve the passiveness of our houses


We ensure that the insulation has appropriate thickness, so as to reduce the loss of heat in winter and limit the inflow of hot air in summer. By increasing the insulation we have reduced the need for energy to heat the houses in winter and there is less energy required to cool them in the summer months.

Window joinery

We use high-quality window-frames and glazing so as to make optimum use of sunrays. In the winter months this reduces the loss of heat and in the summer months it limits sunshine to enter the interior of the house. This way our passive houses acquire a high level of efficiency and the possibility to control energy consumption.


We check their tightness. Traditional buildings have an uncontrolled infiltration of air, a phenomenon that increases the need for energy and creates a feeling or thermic discomfort for their inhabitants. In our passive houses infiltration is almost reduced to zero as the air flow is regulated through mechanical ventilation systems which ensure the highest parameters of hygiene, temperature and air humidity.


We ensure perfect ventilation by using controlled mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery. These systems have two circuits. One delivers fresh air from outside the building, the other removes ‘used’ air. Both circuits meet in the ventilation device where energy from the used air is recovered and transmitted to the fresh air coming in from the outside.


We eliminate thermal bridges, which in traditional buildings resemble holes in a bucket of water. If we fill the bucket, the water keeps flowing out. The same happens with energy in buildings that lack tightness and that energy cannot be recovered. Our passive houses have appropriate tightness, thanks to which the energy remains on the inside of the buildings.

Renewable energy sources

We use renewable energy sources in order to protect nature and to provide the energy that is essential to experience the comfort of our passive houses.

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