We are Yardina Inversiones. We build modern Passive Houses in the Spanish region Andalusia.

We chose Granada as it stands for the essence of everything Andalusia is famous for. Untouched nature, sunny beaches, mountains, multi-culturalism and omnipresent history. Here modernity is in perfect harmony with the past, nature, and ecology.

Spain has been the destination of our travels for many years. We have become acquainted with many corners of the country and over time we developed a plan to settle in this beautiful sunny country. In 2017 we made changes to our professional lives and moved to the Canary Islands. We continued our business there, living in a wonderful place where the sun shines the whole year and the Atlantic Ocean provides ideal conditions for water sports. 

We quickly came to the conclusion, however, that the Canary Islands, like so many other parts of Spain’s Mediterranean coast, did not match our ideas of real life among the natives of Spain.

The Canary Islands are dominated by the crowds of tourists that come for a holiday all year round. Contact with the ‘real’ Spain is limited, especially in the towns by the ocean. We therefore continued our search and in the end arrived in Granada, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. We got to know both the area and the local people better with every visit and finally realized that this was the place we had been looking for all those years. Surrounded by beautiful nature and full of the unique Spanish culture and traditions. It is the heart of Andalusia and we want to share it.

That’s why Yardina Inversiones was set up. Our construction projects are ideally suited for those who are looking for sunshine and want to be near the sea and the mountains. People who are ready to acquire real estate right next to one of the most beautiful national parks in Spain, as well as a town of which Spaniards say: “If you haven’t seen Granada, you haven’t seen anything.” This is the only place in Europe where you can do winter sports close to the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

People who are aware of the uniqueness of life dream of living in a healthy modern zero-emission home, built in harmony with nature, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. In a place where they and their family can feel close to nature, breathe in European history and work and relax every season of the year. In a location that combines aesthetic values with an investment that will help to improve their financial situation.

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