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Our team is made up of people with a high level of competence and extensive experience. It includes people for whom Andalusia and especially Grenada and the Sierra Nevada are the embodiment of everything that Spain is famous for (sun, sea, mountains, history and multiculturalism), as well as local people who grew up in the area and who are aware of the unique character of this place. Together they shape the construction projects so that its development is in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.

Magdalena Wojciechowska

President Yardina Inversiones SL

“We have been working in the Polish and Spanish real estate market for many years. We have gained a thorough knowledge of these markets through our investments and this enables us to realize the project we had been thinking about for some time. The only thing that was missing was the proper location. That is exactly what we have found in Granada and the nearby Sierra Nevada.”

Magdalena has been active in the field of finance and investment since 2004. She started her career at one of the biggest Polish banks and went on to work in the production and capital goods market. She has been involved in real estate for 10 years and has been dealing with investments on the Spanish market for 7 years. She is married and has a son, Oliver. She is in love with Spain, kitesurfing and snowboarding. As the co-founder and MD of Yardina Inversiones she is responsible for the overall management and representation of the company.

Paweł Wyrzykowski

Company representative

“What we want to create in Granada is our own project and it is the effect of our fascination with the culture and natural beauty of Andalusia. Granada is a wonderful place with a rich history and it has a unique location with both the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Mediterranean Sea close by.”

Paweł is a manager with 25-year experience working for international; companies in the production and capital goods markets. He and his wife have been tracking the Spanish real estate market for 7 years. He occasionally plays music and enjoys snowboarding. He’s passionate about modern construction and the use of renewable energy sources. The history of Andalusia and Granada fascinate him. In Yardina Inversiones he’s the company representative in technical matters and is the contact person for sub-contractors.

Marcin Szewczyk

Company representative

“We want to improve the comfort and quality of life of our clients by enabling them to live in healthy, modern, energy-saving houses built in the most beautiful place in Spanish Andalusia. We have the ambition to become the market leader in the field of constructing modern, energy-saving passive houses in Andalusia.”

Marcin is a specialist in logistics, administration and finance. As an entrepreneur he has successfully run enterprises connected with transport and logistics for the past 25 years. He is involved in the field of tourist real-estate as both an investor and a practitioner in Poland and abroad. He loves sailing and his boat often travels the Mazurian lakes in Poland. In the structure of Yardina Inversiones he is co-owner and represents the company in Poland.

We trusted an experienced team of young architects from Granada to design our resort. The city has a long tradition in architecture. Delatorre Castellano are experts in the construction of energy-saving, passive objects and have received awards at various international architecture competitions. These specialists are aware that the future is in architecture that is embedded in tradition and is in harmony with the requirements of the world that surrounds us. In other words, architecture that combines modernity, tradition and ecology.

Alberto de la Torre Castellano


“As architectural agency Delatorre & Castellano, located in Huerta de San Gabriel in Granada on the river Genil, we are pleased to cooperate with Yardina Inversiones in designing an exclusive complex of six houses. Thanks to the unique location on the edge of the Sierra Nevada National Park in Monachil, we have the opportunity to participate in the creation of unique architecture concentrated around the history and the beautiful landscapes of these places. The idea of the project can best be described as follows: “Landscape, Tradition and Modernity.”

One of the most prestigious law firms in Granada will support both us and our clients in legal and administrative matters. Thanks to their 30-year practice, Torres Advisors have become a household name in the Spanish world of business and law. They are specialists with international experience, gained both at leading Spanish law firms as well as important institutions abroad.

Eduardo Torres Hermoso

Torres Advisors – Lawyer

“As a lawyer in Granada, having international experience, I think that the possibility to cooperate in innovative and pioneering projects, like the one realized by Yardina Inversiones S.L., is very attractive and interesting for our firm, as it enables us to form enriching relationships in an international environment with people of various profiles and origins.”

The houses in our resort will be built by local specialists with extensive experience in building passive houses in Southern Europe, especially in the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean coast.

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