Villa “Entre Pinos”

This villa, standing in the shade of 40-year-old Mediterranean pine trees, offers you a comfortable and exclusive living space of close to 200 m2. Its location on a slight slope in the direction of a national park ensures spectacular views from every room. This is helped by the wonderful panoramic windows, which allow the environment to enter this amazing villa from the south-west. The pine trees next to the building provide shade on the terraces and seem to reach almost into the villa with its green branches.

The building has been projected in the shape of the letter ‘Z’, which provides clear links to the ‘cortijos’ in traditional Andalusian architecture. However, the extensive glazing gives it a modern character. The traditional high-quality materials that are used such as stone, travertine and traditional ceramic roof tiles give a feeling of timelessness.


  • Villa
    Entre Pinos
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms 3
  • Garage
  • Parcel area
    550  m2
  • Floor space
    193 m2
  • Swimming pool
    37 m2
  • Style
  • Energy standard
    Passive House
  • Upper level

    The floor space of the villa has been divided over two levels. The upper level, reachable directly from the garden, has an open space consisting of a relaxation area, a dining room, and a kitchen. The interior design is in line with the ‘Living In & Out’ concept that creates a unique harmony with the surroundings. An interesting addition to the house is the room/office on the west side as it has its own panoramic terrace and part of the garden. The glazing in the living room and dining room opens the interior of the villa on all sides to the adjacent terraces and garden, as well as the views in the distance. The connection between the living room and the terrace is natural so that you can get to the swimming pool situated in the garden. That way the villa becomes part of the garden and the Sierra Nevada National Park that surrounds it.

  • Lower level

    The lower level of the villa consists of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Every bedroom has a view of the lower garden and the adjacent terrain of the national park. The individual terraces give a further impression of comfort as they allow the inhabitants direct access to the swimming pool in the upper garden. The master bedroom has a private bathroom and a walk-in closet.

  • Bathrooms

    Additional facilities of the villa are the two common bathrooms, the walk-in closet, the loft, a garage built into the building and a traditional Andalusian garden with a private swimming pool.

  • Garden

    The garden around the villa will be dominated by local, Mediterranean plants. A composition of lemon trees and orange trees in combination with cypresses, 40-year-old Mediterranean pine trees and olive trees should remind you of the gardens of the Alhambra and the parks of Granada.

Villa “Entre Pinos”


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